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Road & Rail

Improve Information Streamlining

Road and rail projects are often challenged by disparate sources of data, which results in information latency, manual reconciliations, and archaic quality processes. This in turn causes errors that cost companies time and money every year.

nPulse is a platform agnostic solution that enables seamless information access. By offering streamlined, configurable, and personalized information, it has a solution for every tier and role.

nPulse Advantages for Road & Rail Projects:

  • Proven track record of 20% leaner teams to manage projects
  • Improved efficiency through reduced bill cycle time
  • Dashboard with easy-to-access reports for faster updates
  • Multi device supported updates for timely communication

nPulse Suites

nPulse offers 3 suite solutions, each comprised of unique functionalities that fit the needs of engineering, infrastructure, and construction projects.

Features & Capabilities

Through advanced features and functional capabilities, nPulse streamlines project management, enabling informed decisions to be made and accelerating project delivery.

Configurable Dashboards

Gain near real-time forward-looking indicators and drill down into root cause of KPIs displayed in the dashboard widget.

  • Publish to every role
  • Printable
  • Extensive library of widgets

Automated Reports

Automatically generate and distribute project-related reports for stakeholders.

  • Schedule report for automatic distribution
  • Includes settings for reminders and escalation
  • Archive reports

Mobile Access

Access dashboards, documents, and update workflows on-the-go with nPulse’s mobile app. Available on Android and iOS.

  • Capture issues and daily labour information
  • Respond to alerts and provide schedule progress
  • Fill out quality and safety checklists

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