Gain Better Control on Quality Management in Construction Projects

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Quality management involves the supervision and coordination of activities and tasks necessary to uphold a desired level of excellence. Traditional approaches to quality inspections, which rely on paper or Excel-based methods and involve lengthy approval workflows, often lead to a lack of visibility into inspection status, roadblocks, and the overall impact on a project.

Meanwhile, the construction industry seeks effective ways to manage quality inspection checklists that enable the entire team to access and adhere to quality standards using mobile devices, regardless of location. This includes the ability to review, add photos, and generate issues for non-conforming items.

We cordially invite you to join us for a live webinar on May 30, 2023, where we will delve deeper into the topic of gaining enhanced control over quality management in construction projects through the utilization of Bentley nPulse.

By attending this webinar, you will gain valuable insights on the following:

– Creating, reviewing, capturing photos, approving, and forwarding quality inspections: Discover how Bentley nPulse facilitates seamless management of quality inspections by enabling subcontractors, as well as the quality team from PMC/Client representatives, to efficiently carry out essential tasks.

– Monitoring the progress of quality inspections: Learn how Bentley nPulse empowers you to closely track and monitor the progress of quality inspections, ensuring timely completion and adherence to standards.

nPulse Webinar Document Management

Gain Control of Document Management in Construction Projects

Webcast – On Demand

Part of every construction project is the enormous number of documents shared between multiple stakeholders, yet proper management of documents is too often poorly organized causing data redundancy and wastage. There is a solution to the common challenge and its technology that enables digitising processes to gain control of document management.

Join us for this live webinar and discover how nPulse, Bentley’s construction project lifecycle management solution, can achieve control of document management.

You’ll learn how nPulse can:

  • Maintain a common repository and create digital workflows
  • Easily connect documents to project tasks and activities they impact
  • Foster transparency and accountability in document collaboration
nPulse Webinar Acheive Collaboration

Achieve Collaboration in Construction Projects

Webcast – On Demand

India is rapidly upgrading its infrastructure and is one of the world’s leading emerging economies. To support the pace of its construction growth, projects need to adapt a connected and common data environment to collaborate between multiple stakeholders, get forward looking KPIs, and take proactive actions.

Join us for this live webinar and discover how all stakeholders in construction projects can digitise and contextualize project issues, decisions, and create actionable meetings using Bentley’s construction project lifecycle management solution, nPulse.

In this session, you’ll learn how to achieve:

  • Transparency and accountability on all project issues across all stakeholders
  • Proactive alerting for better collaboration and efficient meetings
  • Identifying and managing misalignments on project decisions with project schedules
  • Increased collaboration through nPulse’s Issues and Meetings Module
nPulse Webinar - Project Manager Field Data

Digitalize Field Data Capture for Infra Projects

Webcast – On Demand

Discover how to digitalize and streamline your construction project’s field data capture.

Progress capture for construction projects involves numerous data inputs from several stakeholders including contractors, PMC, Owner’s team, etc. This session will explore the use of nPulse solution to integrate schedule, BOQ, and quality checklists to capture field progress.

What will you learn?

  • Benefits of a connected data environment
  • Transparency and accountability from field data capture to invoicing
  • Bi-directional integration of physical and BOQ-based progress